Detoxify Xxtra Clean Review – Is It Really Effective?

Do you take recreational drugs and are looking for ways to keep your system clean for work? You might want to get a reliable detoxification product. They’ll help you evacuate toxin buildup and substance traces in your bloodstream. But getting a detoxifier is one thing – it’s important that it’s the right one, with enough natural ingredients to leave you with no side effects. So, what’s the best detox drink of 2023?

Detoxify Xxtra Clean is one such supplement you might want to try. Its natural ingredients and flavored liquid form offer quick action toxin eradication. This is one product you can use “on the go”. That’s great if you’ll be getting tested at work, for example.

You might be wondering, does Detoxify Xxtra Clean really work? Thousands of American customers have used Detoxify Xxtra Clean to pass drug test. The product works efficiently, ensuring that analysis of your pee and blood samples won’t detect substance traces in a random multi-panel drug test. Looking to take up a new job? You can use Detoxify Xxtra Clean mere days before the interview so you don’t get caught out during the medicals.

If you’ve been looking for comprehensive Detoxify Xxtra Clean reviews, then this piece is for you. This piece aims to give you a broader review of the product. It can help you decide whether to get a bottle of Detoxify Xxtra Clean for yourself. Also, you’ll learn how to use Detoxify Xxtra Clean correctly, given how specialized the product is. Let’s get right into it:

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Usage, Description, Ingredients, and More

The Detoxify Xxtra Clean comes in liquid form, with flavor selections to make it more palatable while maintaining its efficacy. It’s been “brewed” with as many herbal ingredients as the manufacturer can manage. Such a form is excellent for people who don’t like pills or injections.

Furthermore, you’ll find items like burdock root, milk thistle seed, and American ginseng extracts, all of which aim to deliver support and energy to your liver, bones, and other organs.

How do you use the Detoxify Xxtra Clean? The manufacturer included some directions you can follow for the best results. Below are the Detoxify Xxtra Clean instructions to follow:

  •   Shake the Detoxify Xxtra Clean bottle well and proceed to drink the entire content.
  •   Wait for about 15 minutes, then fill the bottle with water – shake well and have a drink again
  •   Afterward, you may drink water at two-hour intervals. This is to extend the cleansing effect throughout the day.

It bears mentioning that this product isn’t for you if you’re on other prescribed medication or have serious underlying health conditions. Other than those, you can administer the supplement appropriately. Also, this product can’t help you pass saliva test.

Also, you may experience frequent urination after taking the Detoxify Xxtra Clean. According to the manufacturer, such behavior shows that the cleansing action works optimally. The product is gluten-free and not recommended for kids under 18 years.

As with many detoxification remedies and wellness products, Detoxify Xxtra Clean has strict dietary and storage requirements: you mustn’t take any solid food within 15 hours of use. For many, that may seem too much for a supplement that promises quick action detoxification.

It also claims to “indiscriminately” purge all kinds of pollutants from food, drink, and your environment. The Detoxify Xxtra Clean is also good for barbiturates and other substrates a simple urinalysis will detect. That might be reassuring, especially when you get tested for opiates, Sativa or any other recreational drug that will show up in your piss.

For storage, the product needs to stay in cool, dry storage to maintain its potency. Once opened, it’s necessary that you consume it all in 48 hours.

If you have allergies or are worried about Detoxify Xxtra Clean containing stimulants, you should know that the product might contain “natural sources of caffeine”. Also, gluten may or may not come in some product packages, so you might want to read the ingredient label when you buy one carefully.

Is it safe to use Detoxify Xxtra Clean when you’re on other medications or supplements? As earlier mentioned, you must consult your physician making such a decision, especially if you have a serious underlying health condition.

How long does it last? The product starts showing effects after one hour of consumption and the effects last till five hours.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean for THC Detox: Manufacturer, Support, and Certificate

Detoxify is a wellness and fitness service company founded in 2008. Its main focus is on developing “healthy detoxification” products for consumers.

Throughout its operation, the company has heavily researched herbal ingredients that can come together to make toxin removal products without as many side effects as synthetic alternatives.

Currently, Detoxify’s main headquarter physical address is unknown. However, they have accredited distributor stores in various locations in the US. If you are wondering where to buy Detoxify Xxtra Clean, your best bet is to place an order on the brand’s official website. The product is not available on Walmart, GNC, or Amazon near me.

If you have complaints or other inquiries, you can only reach a Detoxify customer representative through their phone number. Alternatively, you can drop your message in a box on the website’s contact page. You’ll have someone reach out to you once you send the message. You may have to wait a while for a reply, though, as the brand only promises to get back to you “shortly”.

As of yet, Detoxify Xxtra Clean doesn’t have a certification, nor does the brand have public acclaim to note. However, it offers a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” if you purchase any of its products directly from the website.

You’ll also find a disclaimer on the detoxify Xxtra Clean product, stating that it’s yet to get evaluated by the FDA. You’d want to use the Detoxify Xxtra Clean strictly as a supplement and under your physician’s prescription. It doesn’t diagnose, prevent or cure any underlying disease you might have.

Additional Products You May Want to Consider

You might have other questions about the Detoxify Xxtra Clean before deciding to pay for it. As such, the manufacturer has a dedicated FAQ page to answer as many questions as their customers have.

Detoxify focuses on helping your digestive, circulatory, and urinary systems completely eliminate accumulated toxins without attendant side effects.

More specifically, the product is useful if you want to immediately eliminate substance traces in your blood and pee. Let’s assume you need to pass urine drug test at intervals at your workplace. Detoxification lowers your chances of failing and ultimately getting exposed.

Ultimately, it’s best to stick to a periodic usage of the product, as it helps your body get into a healthy cleansing rhythm over time.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Pros and Cons

Below are some of Detoxify Xxtra Clean’s advantages and limitations you must consider before buying it:


  •   The detoxify Xxtra Clean raises the user’s acidic levels enough to obscure any trace of cannabis in their urine samples.
  •   It has a short 5-hour window for complete results. Substrates are no longer detectable after that point.
  •   The product comes in flavor choices of grape and tropical fruit flavors.


  •   You may feel a burning sensation in your throat when taking the Detoxify Xxtra Clean for the first time.
  •   The product tends to make urine look pale and diluted.
  •   You may not eat anything after 5 hours of the Xxtra Clean’s usage.

Customer Reviews

Below are screenshots of some of the mixed reviews the detoxify Xxtra Clean has garnered from customers:

Another satisfied customer commended the product, even after carefully testing it against her daily smoking habits.

However, some users genuinely think the Detoxify Xxtra Clean isn’t worth its asking price, especially against their THC use.

Another user concluded that the product wouldn’t work effectively for heavy smokers or drug users.

Wrapping Up

Detoxification is a great idea, especially if you want to eliminate substance traces in your system before a major drug test. The detoxify Xxtra Clean is one of the weed detox products you can use for quick results. In the review above, we consider its key ingredients, usage instructions, and other pointers as to whether it’s a great buy for you in the long run.