King County Pharmacy and Law Enforcement Locations

Information for King County retail pharmacies and law enforcement offices that are available to serve as a collector is provided below.  Information compiled by King County is being provided as a convenience to drug producers and stewardship organizations for the purposes of awareness and may not represent all or changing information available.

Collection of covered drugs under the regulations does not require any person to serve as a collector in a stewardship plan.  A person may offer to serve as a collector voluntarily, or may agree to serve as a collector in exchange for incentives or payment offered by the producer, group of producers or stewardship organization. (Section 11.50.060). Read full regulations on collection of covered drugs.

Pharmacies and law enforcement offices

There are approximately 400 retail pharmacies and law enforcement offices in King County available to participate as a voluntarily collection site under the regulations. Pharmacy and law enforcement location information is provided below.

Location information for retail pharmacies

Location information for law enforcement offices

Voluntary medicine take-back programs

In King County there are 11 law enforcement offices and 12 pharmacies voluntarily operating temporary take-back collection sites. Currently residents of King County can take their unwanted medicines to one of the temporary locations listed below until the Secure Medicine Return Program is fully implemented; potentially continuing as part of the stewardship plan developed by drug producers to meet the requirements of the regulations.

Location information for voluntary medicine take-back programs

Map of voluntary medicine take-back locations in King County