Invitation to comment on proposed fee schedule

Fee schedule development

The regulations require drug producers participating in a stewardship plan to cover King County’s costs of administering and enforcing the adopted regulations (BOH 11.50.160). These costs are related to the review and approval of stewardship plan(s), any petition to use alternative final disposal technologies, and annual operating fees and enforcement. A proposed schedule has been developed to implement this requirement. View a copy of the proposed fee schedule and Board of Health staff report:

Proposed Fee Schedule

King County Board of Health Staff Report

 Invitation to comment on proposed fee schedule

An invitation to comment on the proposed fee schedule was sent by email to stakeholders by Chair Joe McDermott, King County Board of Health, on April 24, 2014 (see copy of email invitation)

As a stakeholder who may be subject to the proposed fee schedule, the Board of Health would like to hear from you. Comments can be submitted to Chair McDermott at [email protected] or at the next public hearing before the Board of Health on May 15, 2014 at 1:30 p.m., at the King County Courthouse.

Fee costs shared by drug producers

It is anticipated that individual drug producers participating in the standard stewardship plan would share fee costs. To give a sense of economy of scale, if the total cost was divided evenly by all 161 drug producers who have submitted their notice to participate in a stewardship plan to date, the shared cost to each individual drug producer would be $284.00. This cost would include the standard one-time plan review fee and annual operations fee for the first year. In the second year the cost would be $186.00 to each drug producer for annual operations fee.

Actual costs per participant will depend on how the participating producers agree within their stewardship plan to divide up the total costs.  Most existing product stewardship programs that we are aware of divide up program costs among participating companies by market share.