Participating in a Stewardship Plan

Options for participating in a stewardship plan

A drug producer has two options: (1) participate in the standard stewardship plan, or (2) form an independent stewardship plan either individually or with a group of other drug producers. Both plans are required to be developed by participating producers.

Requirements for each type of stewardship plan

The standard stewardship plan and any independent stewardship plan have the same requirements for providing a convenient, secure medicine return system for county residents.

The standard stewardship plan is the plan in which all drug producers must participate, unless a producer pursues the option of an independent plan.  The independent plan option allows a drug producer the choice of working independently or with a group of producers to meet the requirements of the regulations in a plan that is separate from the standard plan.

The only other differences between the two types of stewardship plans are the review and approval processes and the provision of secure drop boxes by the County.

Development of a stewardship plan

Drug producers may develop, implement, and operate their stewardship plan directly, or they may designate a stewardship organization to perform those functions on their behalf.

Resources available

To assist you or your designated stewardship organization, we are offering consultation and technical assistance to meet the requirements of the Secure Medicine Return regulations. For more information contact:

Taylor Watson
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program
New Phone Number: 206-263-1880 or [email protected].


This overview provides general information. For specific requirements of the Secure Medicine Return Regulations see Board of Health  Chapter 11.50.